Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

An Education for a Better Future

              An education isn't just a system that is merely created for formality. An education is a progress, an early progress in our long quest to be someone who could accomplish something, someone who is known by a lot of people of our great doing. Education is a media, to learn about life, to gain knowledge, to build a character. A knowledge is a power, knowledge is basically like a gun, it is useful, but a character is its bullets. Therefore knowledge without a great character is useless, it's basically a gun without any bullets in it. But how do someone could achieve a great character? Knowledge is something that is very common. It is a thing in the air, knowledge is something that we gets everyday, but a character needs time to build. A lot of time. 

                If there is a biology teacher teaching about  human anatomy and stuffs, we could understand within a second and will remember in the later time, but if the biology teacher itself telling students not to cheat, we will just ignore it and forgets about it, it's like nothing important, it's like a bird's chirps. Why it is like that? Because like what i've said, gaining knowledge is by far easier than building a character. A student that had a bad habits (cheating etc) will never take off those habits easily, those habits were something planted in their veins, they could not take it off. Who planted them? It's everyone around them. By not preventing them to do bad habits, that means allowing them to plant those bad habits. But why are the students having their bad habits? Why are they cheating? It is because our education system. We tend to care more about grades then about what we learned. If someone got a bad grades, he/she will fail, why? Because our education system thinks that those who had a good grades had a good chance of success. Our education system makes us wanted to have good grades, hence the students that don't understand the lesson that is taught by the teacher will cheat, either the teacher is not good enough, or it's just the students that don't pay attention. Nonetheless, they still value grades the highest, that's why the bad habits is rooting in them. 

             So tell me, did those students who cheated got kicked off the school? No. Did they got a good grades? Yes! Why? They easily cheated out of it! So the key of our system is to cheat your way to get a good grades? Yes, it is more like it. But will these cheaters will have a good future? Mainly yes, but they won't be useful for someone, they will be more likely to have a great job, a great wife and a great wives. But they won't be someone successful for the sake of this nation! Why in the world would our country needs those guys, we need someone who could do something, who could change this cruel world into a beautiful place! How could someone without a good character do that? But is there ever someone who had a knowledge and a great character? Sadly, no. We wont have those people in this generation. We wont have them in this education system. Not yet, until they change it.

Selasa, 19 Januari 2016

my last holiday


            In new year’s eve I was celebrating tons of fireworks, screams, cakes, foods and kisses. A week before, I was still going to school for a short semester with a few friends of mine. It was math, science math, it was very hard but I was able to finish it by ease, thanks to god. days later, I bought three train tickets, one for me, and the others for my grandmother and sister. A day before, I was still hanging out with a close friends of mine on the evening, we drove cars that evening to take a trip around Bandung, a nice moments it was.
            27 Desember, D-5 to new year’s eve, early in the morning, we departed to Jakarta by train from the Bandung station. It is a 3 hours trip by train, a very boring trip it is, then we finally arrived on Gambir station. We were picked by  my mother to Borobudur hotel, it is like a second home to me.
            Borobudur hotel, it is a massive place with a plenty of people in it, it has a lot variety of facility like swimming pool, spa, lounge etc. we planned to stay for 7 Days, 6 nights,  one week. We spend the first day by swimming in the swimming pool, the water was so cold, I was freezing like hell, I taught my sister to swim that day, she is a fast learner and a good swimmer, then I found a lot of pretty girls there, we get to know each other and suddenly my friend from my junior years came, it turns out that they’re close friends in  their highschool.
The next day, I have a rendezvous with a close friends of mine from my junior years, we played billiards, bowling, and games. They really miss me (of course) I also miss them, they were everything to me, they know me better than my highschool friends. In the afternoon we go to Senayan City to hangout til the night. We have a really good moment that day, then I went home with my friend to the hotel.
The third day is a family quality time, we went to Plaza Senayan with my mom, grandmother and my little sister. We watched movies in the theatre, it was a quite entertaining movie, we really enjoyed it. After we watched the movies, we had a dinner in a quite expensive restaurant, then  we eat meats and stuff, but my grandmother only orders a fried rice, an expensive fried rice, but it tasted good though! We went home after we had a dinner, then we had a nice well sleep til the next morning.
The next morning we had a buffet in the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast, it was hell good, I ate ommelette, sausages, bacons and dim sums. We paid Rp.400.000,00/person for that delicious buffet. In the restaurant I met my friends again, she came as I am ready to leave.
It is the night of new years eve, me and my family was celebrating on the swimming pools with a lot of people, then we watched a great fireworks, than we ate cakes etc.


Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015

a girl of a rose

Theres someone, in my class, a girl, she is one of a kind. A cute girl she is, average height, lean build, wavy hair, and fair skin. Friendly, smart and of course pretty, a really good friend, partner and classmates. she has a bestfriend, they look so cute together, their friendship looks so perfect, it looks like it'll be a neverending friendship.

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2015

About My Lovely Friends

Hello random viewers! I have plenty of friends in my school, yes SMAN 3 Bandung. but im not going to tell you all of them, just a few close friends! 

I actually dont really have a lot of close friends, but i dont need a dozens, i just need a few who could make my day colorful. M. Raihan Majid, or just simply Majid. a guy i met on the second day of school, he graduated from SMPN 7 Bandung. he likes to call me Laput, a weird nickname it is. he's a funny guy and a very kind person, he oftenly ask people to scratch his back. he has a girlfriend, but his girlfriend is not in the same school with him. Sahabat Adi Kusuma, also a guy i met on the second day of school, he is a graduate from SMP Taruna Bakti. he has a fair skin, lean build, and a wavy hair. he is one of the most handsome student in the class, his hobby is playing football, he's pretty good at it. he is a very different kind of guy than Majid. He is more organized and more serious.

Besides from those two, i have plenty of friends, but i'm not going to tell all of them.. well.. not now, but maybe one day. well that's it for now, goodbye!